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May 15, 2011

{ Office Update }

OK, Here's the Honest Truth...

Life with 3 kiddos has pretty much taken over. I admit, I have been somewhat lazy these past few months when it comes to home decorating, cleaning, motivation to do anything... OK, maybe not that extreme. But I guess you could say I took a little break! 

There are just sooooo many things on my To Do List, and the hours in the day are never enough. 

All the BIG plans for the house get pushed back week after week.
BUT...I have made a NEW resolution, and now that summer is soon approaching, It's time to get serious!!  

But...with that being said, I do have a few pictures to share

Remember this room??

(Yes...Very sad I must admit!)

I have made "SOME" progress in the office?! 

The Office is FAR from where I want it to be, but for now I thought I would show the room in the state it's currently in. 

I do have to say I enjoy the space for the present time, the office is nice, bright and a warm. 

So I'm not complaining to much (wink,wink) 

I have SUCH big plans for this room!! 
If I could ever find the time to do it..Ahhhhh!!

One of my plans for the space is... Painted wall paper!! 

Curtsey of The amazing blog
  Jones design company

I also want to change the  entire color scheme of the room.

As much as I LOVE green and yellow, as I am SURE you can all tell by now, I don't think it is wise to have it 
in EVERY room!!! hehe :)  

I plan on adding Chandelier shades to the light.
I have been looking at these from Ballard Designs
Or Maybe this ONE...
I have also been pondering on this paint Palette

And the Oooo So popular Pillow from Target
It's pretty much in EVERYONES house...but I LOVE it!!!

Like I said..I am JUST pondering on the idea of these things!! 
we will so what happens in the end :)

OK...Now, Back to the Present...
Pretty much everything you see in the room is what I already owned, minus a few things. 
I had fun digging through my basement, trying to come up with things that would work in the space. 

The yellow and green pillows I still LOVE after owning 
them for 8 years! 
Can you believe it...8 Years! 
You ROCK pottery Barn!!!   

The New items in the room are, 
the chairs- Kmart 
The Desk-Custom 
and the Curtains I found on Ballard Designs 

 I originally got the curtains for the basement, but we are in a bit of a remodel and a storage room mess. So, I thought they would be better kept in the office for now!  

Yes.. We have BIG plans for many rooms in the house! 
So make sure and check back often. 

February 4, 2011

{February Already???}

WOW..What happend to me since Christmas??... Geezz!! When did Life get so Crazy!!
I promised the New Year would bring NEW and exciting Projects.
I wanted to show you the BEGINNINGS of my Office. Yep..Pretty much an empty room with a desk. Ok... so this isn't REALLY what the office looks like at the VERY moment..But I wanted to show you the WAY "BEFORE" so the AFTER is that much more dramatic ;)The favorite part my office is the Desk. I worked with my cabinet guy designing the shape.My Husband owns a Design Company called Direction Marketing 
He works from home ( which I love) But, I had to come up with a work space for the Both of us.  I designed this desk so we could work on both ends of it. 
It works out GREAT! Our lap tops are back to back. 
It's awesome way to spend the day, staring in the eyes of the man you love, While sporting his unmentionables..haha 
~Maybe not the  fairytale, but hey it works!~

I am the MOST excited about what I have planned for the walls. 
You're going to DIE! Very exciting!

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